1 August 2018
Hi my mare i have had for 6 months was showings sighns of pregnancy so have had a urine sample done and its came back positive i have never owned a foal before or mare in foal i have owned horses 6 months up though and been around foals i know.lota of info.on foaling but cant find much on training the foal
What age do pweople start dping waht
What age do they pick feet up
Put headcollar on
Lead it around ect
Also can the mare and foal stay in the field with the other geldings
Any info would be greatly appreciated
How do peiple twll them off for biting kicking ect x


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20 February 2017
covered in mud in a cold wet English field somewhe
Agree... End of school holidays??
Ah yes but we can't tag forum admin to tell them can we :confused:

Also OP the mare might be better foaling at an experienced stud and staying there with the foal so baby can have turnout with other mares and foals. They learn manners from other horses - though also wait for someone more experienced to chime in too. :)