Fractured Sidebone


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22 September 2014
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Hi All.

My 7 year old gelding was diagnosed with fractured sidebone in November. Nothing showed on Xray so he was sent for an MRI scan which showed the fracture. I find it quite sad the amount of sidebone he has and I've since found out that, due to his brilliant temperament, he was worked hard as a baby.

He had joint injections to help with any inflammation and, as he is a huge chunky lad, it was decided that he should be turned away for 3 months. He lives outside anyway so it wasn't a problem. The vets wanted him out to keep him moving so he doesn't stiffen up, especially around the fractured area. He's currently being shod every 5 weeks to prevent movement in the foot.

Anyway, he is slightly better but 5 months later he is still marginally lame. He recently had ACPAT physio and he was very stiff despite living out.

Anyway my questions are: has anyone else had this problem? Is there a good success rate or not? (Don't mind if you say not :eek:) I'd rather know. ) Does it take longer to heal that the vets say?

Thanks in advance


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12 October 2007
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Hmmm, as I'm sure you've found out, side bone isn't a real bone, but is ossification of the ungular cartilages. Most cases of sidebone pain resolve over time, given rest. I hope he improves soon.