Freemax treeless saddle seat size?


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12 November 2011
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Hi, sorry if this is a bit of a numpty question, but does anyone on here know how to measure Freemax (mine is an EVO GP) treeless saddle seat sizes accurately please?

I am preparing to sell off my excess saddles as I seem to have collected way more than I have rideable horses ;)

This is not a sneaky sales advert by the way as I live overseas and won't be advertising here, but I have seen Freemax saddles discussed on here previously so thought some of you might know.

I can't find the original paperwork from when I bought it. It is either a 17 or an 18. I have emailed the dealer I bought it from and Acavallo themselves (the manufacturers) and frustratingly, both have acknowledged email receipt but neither has responded to my question.

Does anyone know the correct way to measure them please?

I read on another site (for another make of treeless) that one should measure the point where the pommell and cantle are closest (in inches) and add 6 inches which would make mine a 17 inch, but that was for a different kind so I just want to check...

Thanks in advance for your help :)