Good Weekend


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5 November 2003
Went to local Open Show yesterday (oh and what a long day it was), only wanted to do the Exceeding Working Hunter, so not an early start as it was the last class, arrived at around 2.30pm and they had just started the class two before mine, great no rushing around, so watched that and god it went on forever, eventually my class started 4.45pm
, good job Zara was happy munching haylage, anyway went in and did the nicest, calm clear round she has ever done, was pleased with her, the judge couldn't fault her, he really liked her, went back in to do the show and pulled her in 1st
, well couldn't take the grin off my face, he commented on how nicely she went and that I rode her very calm and neat......I was a very proud mummy......... Got a lovely trophy........
Very long day came out of the class at 6.45pm