Grenoside Woods Event Tomorrow


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1 December 2012
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Hi, just to say, tomorrow there's an organised bike race in Grenoside Woods.
Here's a link to the event, so if you're planning to ride it would be best to totally avoid that area as there will be a dj, loudspeakers, stalls, commentator and quad bikes plus emergency vehicles for the event.

I'm nothing to do with the race, but my brother is racing. Last year there was a problem as 500 riders were lining up for practice runs; a lady on a large horse leading a smaller pony insisted on riding straight through the queuing riders. Obviously not ideal for the lady or for the bikers. It's been signposted for a while now so no excuses for any tension between any riders or bikers, it's a race that happens once a year so save yourself from a potentially dangerous situation and avoid the trails marked on the website