Gutted - time to retire?


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3 August 2009
Up North
Just an update after the vet's visit.

So vet did lameness workup and horse was resposive to hoof testers indicating foot pain in the solar region. Slight response to flexion test too. Stumbly on large stones and better on flat ground.
Vet thinks horse is lame in both forefeet. He doesn't think it's arthritis within foot joints. He thinks more likely to be pedal bone issues. He wants to x ray to check there's no rotation after mild lami in spring. He wants horse in supportive shoes and want to talk to my farrier to sort this out. Definitely no removal of shoes.
He's given me a months supply of bute at one a day. Horse is happily out in his field and sound on the muddy ground!
Currently trying to get hold of farrier to discuss his thoughts about x rays, shoes etc.
Personally I don't think it's rotation but I do agree pedal bone. Maybe pedal osteitis having read the symptoms. Horse has been avoiding stony ground when hacking for months.
No riding at all til he is pain free now. Which may be never :(


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31 December 2008
Thanks for the update ns, sadly I did fear that would be the case from your description in the OP, sometimes I don't like being right :(.

did the vet block or just go off the hoof testers? I would definitely xray to see if you can see anything going on and also it gives the farrier something to shoe too then.