Has anyone done a HND through TOCES?


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12 August 2012
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Can anyone help me who has done or is completing a HND long distance learning course?

I've had my course for a while now but just cant seem to get the assessment questions done for the first 4 units. I've become really stuck on how to answer the questions. I've gone through the course paper work, answered the in text questions and done plenty of reading.

Sent an email to my course tutor who basically came back and said that the booklet which came with the course tell you everything you need to know about writing your answers. This is incredibly unhelpful as I could really do with looking at an example answer paper to really gauge just how to answer the questions, but apparently they don't have these to look at. I am so lost on what is looked for in the answers, how much referencing to do etc etc etc.

Is there anyone out there who can help set me on the path to getting these papers submitted? :)