Has anyone used these as fieldshelters?


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9 March 2011
Tiny farm some where in UK
I looked at those to OP, but was worried about flapping & blowing away, also folks round here would most likely report me to council or similar coz its not very pretty :rolleyes:

Also looked at 'Pony Cave' feild shelters, they looked ok but really only for small horses, they didn't seem to do a bigger option.

In the end I spotted a arc thingy at a Christmas market of all places, they are used as kind of garden rooms or little holiday homes but they had a basic one up & looked very like a feild shelter to me. Turns out animal shelters was on their list of uses for it, but just hadn't got round to doing anything so convinced them to let me 'trial' it for them at a bit of a discount (he he)

Anyhoo, this is it, the day in question was windy & rainy and if you look close you can see my foal in side it (she is bay) Is working well so far, but there is a newer 'improved' model on its me this weekend to try :)