Headshakers - But is she?!


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22 April 2009
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Im confused..

My pony started headshaking although its not 'traditional' type shaking, its more of an irriation.

Had my vet out and he said she had a slight swelling around her poll so i anti-inflammatoried it and it went down, she was ridden a lot and became worse and worse- the the point where she puts one ear flat back against her head and almost turns her head intowards herself and either naps or feels like shes going to go down.

Its random because its not all the time, if shes out on a hack and is busy or interested etc she wont do it- BUT if you loosen the rein she will.

She does in more so in a schooling environment but again its not all the time and the weather doesnt affect it.

Shes stopped being ridden now, her back, teeth and saddle are fine and the person who had her had a vet out who basically classed her as a 'headshaker' end of.

Im not convinced, nor are 4 other people who have taught her and ridden her we all think it is something in her ear.

I now have another vet out today but im beginning to run out of options.. does anyone have experience of anything similar?



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19 April 2009
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Is she ridden in a bit which applies poll pressure to a potentially still tender area? Could you change for a test? Does she ever do it without her bridle on? Could it be that which is irritating her? Sounds like something related to the previous inflammation... Oh, and have you any idea what caused that? As in has the original vet treated the cause as well as the symptom?

Apols for all the questions - just trying to give you other things to investigate!