Hello from an oldie-newbie (or newbie-oldie!)


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22 July 2007
Hi - I first joined HHO in 2007 but haven't been here for a while. However I have been logging on in the last few weeks and have been reading your posts so I thought I'd just say hi.
I used to post fairly regularly but last year I lost my husband quite suddenly to cancer. Some of you sent the most wonderful messages and I am really grateful for the support I had from HHO. But since then I have been spending a lot of time on the WAY (widowed and young) forum.
That has been great but it can also be quite wearing, just talking about aspects of widowhood.
Therefore I thought I'd come and join you guys again. I still have my horse Jerry and my two springers, Purdey and Holly. They have all been lifesavers these past 18 months and given me a reason to get out of bed and carry on.
I love reading stories about your horses and dogs so you can all budge up a bit in this club house and let an oldie back in!!