Hello from County Cork!

1 January 2019
Hey! Am living in county Cork - originally from the UK but met n married an Irishman and moved. I had a horse previously, Russal who was a 10year old (when I bought him) cob gelding and loved him. He taught me a lot. Sadly had to part with him due to surprise baby no3 coming along. Kept in touch with his new owners and he is currently living 20 minutes away from my mum's in Kent. Fast forward a few years and I recently (as in two weeks ago) bought my second boy Paddy who is 8 and also a cob. He and I are getting along great and he's loving his new home.

I plan this year to train and qualify as a equine massage therapist and also a canine massage therapist. I've started using the horses at my yard as guinea pigs lol

So anyways getting back into the horsey world as I've missed it and thought I'd say hi to whoever reads this 😀

Also, Happy New Year!


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9 February 2009
Hello and Happy New Year :)
I live up North with one event horse and a lovely collie dog.
Hope you get on well with your new horse, keep us posted on your progress


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27 October 2016
Hi, welcome to the forum ☺️ I'm in Clare, on the Limerick border. I have a horse that I share with a family member. Both of us event him but I'm more interested in dressage now.

We have 1 oldie who mooches about eating grass and a 17 year old who is retired but is still energetic enough to play with the younger (ridden) horse.