Help please - finding a horse?


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30 November 2008
Down South
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Hi All

Not sure if I am allowed to post this here hoping is ok. Daughters horse is on long term paddock rest and is having bone scan which I am going to have to pay for and see if I can get back from my insurance. As I don't know his prognosis yet I can not commit to buying a horse at the moment. I feel really sorry for her she has worked really had all winter ready to be able to do PC eventing teams this season and she now finds herself without a horse. I have placed wanted ads but no joy, does anyone know of anyone who would like a break from horse owning for a while, maybe due to pregnancy, finances, uni etc?

We are on a small farm with 7/8 horses, lots of off road hacking, an experienced horse family, have horsebox as transport and are just waiting for someone for her to love and go and have fun with. Would keep owner up to date with progress, comp results and lots of photos?

We are based in the South East but would happily travel further to view horses? Please let me know if you know of anything, happy if you would prefer to PM me.

Thanks in anticipation