20 January 2006
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About 6 months ago i took on a very beautiful 16.1hh tbxid 7 year old mare. The previous owners told us that she could sometimes be a little tricky to box which, to say the least, was a massive understatement. The first time we went to collect her it took us 7 hours of attempting to load her and still no horse. We then went up again and had a kelly marks trained lady come and help us get her in,5 hours later we managed to trap her in the trailer without a partition. I then practiced boxing her a lot but with no joy except for bolting though very fast and standing on the ramp we decided to try a lorry. As we got a third horse anyway my parents then bought a lorry yesterday, when i went to try her she got on the ramp then came off sideways and cut her leg. Today i tried again very calmly but i could feel myself seriously loosing my temper. I now know that it is seriously not something i am going to be able to do. I now just need someone to come in and get her in for me at an acceptable price.
Im afraid her owners told me little of her history and so i cannot help there, though she does have some horrific scars and always test the floor of the ramp before getting on so possibly she could have been in a serious accident at some point?
ANyone know anybody who could do this in Dorset or who will travel (not at huge expense) to Dorset?


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12 March 2009
Try leaving the lorry in the field with everything open and food all over the place and leave her get used to it at her own pace rather than having her on a leadline, let other horses pootle in and out too so she can watch. Worth a try if she really is bad, but never be in a hurry to do it and I know it is hard but don't loose your temper as you will be back to square one - if you feel angry it is best just to put her back out and try later!
If you can't do it in a field then do just a bit everyday in the yard - even if it means she just touches the ramp to start with when asked or even if she really is totally anti lorry just a sniff and a touch with her nose is a start - praise like mad and leave till the next day. Keep the sessions short and reward often so she associates the box with good things. Let her spend loads of time just walking round the lorry sniffing everything - sit in the front seat and give her food through the open door just to get her used to the smell and see that you are relaxed in it and around it. What ever you do do not force her in or use straps on her from behind as that will only panic a horse and make them not only wary of the lorry in front but what is behind too.
There aren't really any short cuts except time and patience I'm afraid. Good luck!!


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7 December 2008
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Echo blackhorses above. Don't rush it.

I will be back in Dorset for a couple of weeks if you need someone with patience and I could also put you in touch with a friend who I've been riding for for 6 years now and she has worked hard with her youngsters with their loading skills. PM me if that could be an option.


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4 August 2007
Down South
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Hi! I have seen this lady in action and she was pretty good. This was about three years ago though. Can't vouch for her since then!

She came down to Weymouth, Dorset and worked with a horse with bolting issues.

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Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, Dorset

Sarah Weston
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