Hi everyone :)

18 July 2021
Hello from Jersey, Channel Islands. Its nice to have an excuse to talk about my horsey history without watching muggles' (non-horsey people) eyes cloud over :)

Pony 1: 13.2hh 28yo fell mare bought from a riding school. Lived until she was 32! Did a bit of everything with me and my sister.
Pony 2: 13.2hh 7yo Welsh C gelding. Did lots of Native classes and a bit of (very fast) jumping.
Pony 3: 13.2hh 10yo Welsh C mare. Escape artist. Broke my bones, taught me a lot.
Pony 4: 14.2hh 11yo Anglo-Arab. My Pony of a lifetime. Taught me dressage, hated jumping, rosette magnet, perfect angel babysitter.

Horse 1: 15.2hh 12yo ID gelding. Very patient, brave to a fence, taught me to sit still and let it happen.
Horse 2: 16hh 7yo TBxWelsh D gelding. Over-horsed me, lots of tears, confidence in tatters.
Horse 3: 16.2hh 12yo IDxTB gelding. Shoot and point, jumps for fun, pretends to be a twat but safe.
Horse 4: 15.1hh 5yo ID gelding. Sooooo cute! Showing and little jumps for experience before he was sold on.
Horse 5: 16.2hh IDxTB 9yo gelding. Spooky spooky spooky but very handsome and capable.
Horse 6: 16hh ID mare happy hacker, loves jumping rustics but show jumps can F#@* right off.
Horse 7: 15.2 Arab x ID 17yo, dream horse darling baby-angel. Does everything, goes everywhere, wears a pink feather boa, tends towards the dramatic.

So that's me. I look forward to chatting with you xx
19 July 2010
Welcome to the forum. :)

PS I did laugh at your list of horses, as a big arab and part bred arab fan myself I did like the 'wears a pink feather boa' description. I have a gelding who fits in with that. :D