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Hi from a long time lurker

22 April 2013
I think it's about time I said hi and joined in, having enjoyed lurking for years, and learning a lot. I had my first riding lesson for my 7th birthday and am still riding in my early seventies. I have 2 horses at home, 29 year old WB known as the ginger giraffe (GG) and his little cob companion(CC). I've owned GG for 14 years now and we used to jump. We lost our best friend his fieldmate at 31 peacefully last autumn. GG can still enjoy quiet ride but I really need a new horse, so I'll be asking this forum what to look for. So looking forward to joining in.
29 May 2020
Hello & welcome! Sorry you lost your best friend last year & glad you, GG & CC all have each other. I was worried that at 47 i might be too old to get a horse again after losing mine at the end of November ... but you are still going strong with a slight headstart on me ;) so thank you for the inspiration! I hope you enjoy the forum & look forward to seeing your posts x


Well-Known Member
9 May 2007
Hi. Gives me hope if you are looking for a new horse in your early seventies as that's when I'll be looking for my next one.