Holsteiner stud book question


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18 July 2006
Does anyone know how you can issue a name with the holstein verband stud book? I have looked on their website and can't find any kind of horse registration info.

I have a 3yo holstein bred mare just come over but she has not been issued a name. She got everything else ie brand & no. fully passported with holsteiner verband but no name! The name section is left blank.

She will be doing age classes next year so need to get her a name on her passport and Im not sure how to go about it. Will the passport need to go back to Germany or can a name be issued here? And if so who with?

Many thanks for your help!

Spring Feather

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30 December 2010
North America
My Holsteiner passports go back to Kiel in Germany for any changes. If I were you I'd check to see if there is a British division of the Verband and send it to them and then they'll forward the passport to Kiel for you.