Hormonal mare, at my wits end

31 August 2017
It is a very very long story, my daughters ten year old pony was in Regumate when I bought her so I kept her on it, she’d been in it 18 months. Last September she started becoming nappy and grumpy. I asked my vet to scan her ovaries, he said she was ovulating so the Regumate wasn’t working so I took her off it. Since then she has become increasingly grumpy and getting aggressive to handle, striking out with her front legs, turning her bottom to you in the stable. Since beginning of January she has not wanted to go forward when being ridden, and bucks if pushed to do so. We have not ridden her for the last three weeks as wanted to get her back and saddle checked. She has never show any signs of being in season whilst on or off the Regumate. This Tuesday I put her back on the Regumate (12mls) and she is already calmer to handle. My daughter took her in the arena today as she was calmer to handle. She walked around once and then stopped and bucked, refused to go forwards, I lead her forwards and she did half a circuit before stopping again and bucking. She point blanked refused to go into trot. I really don’t know where to go from here.