Horse hunting - help needed please

3 March 2019
Hi everyone

I’m looking for a horse and could really do with some help as I’m struggling to find something sound and suitable.

Criteria is 15-15.2, ideally 5-9 years, mare or gelding, middle weight, for hacking / local shows / rc activities. So ideally done a bit but doesn’t need to be finished article. Needs to pass 5 stage vetting. (Prefer dealer as means a bit of protection legally)

Budget is around £5-5.5k

I’ve seen lots of lame / dodgy horses for around £4K and have found a few dealers with young talented horses which are more than I need in terms of ability / breeding. I’d rather be paying for a nice character and a bit of experience than breed (Connemaras seem particularly pricey!).

So any help in terms of dealers that sell this sort would be really appreciated. I’m based in South Yorkshire but wiling to travel Upto 100 miles or so.

Also, any advice on budget, is £5.5k enough for what I’m after? Some people have said I need £4K and others say £6-7k.

Thanks for your help