Horse shop for me 😀


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29 July 2009
Hi. For those that have the knack of finding hidden gems here’s my wish list. No rush but will be shopping actively at some point. I’m 12 stone so up to weight any height up to 16.2 bigger if genuinely ticks every other box. Good doer not too hairy (fussy but this is a list of my ideals) quiet happy hack. Something that really does give confidence solo hacking. This is something I’ve always wanted and never had!
Gelding or mare but I have more experience of geldings. Age less important as long as low mileage if older. Greys least desirable because of melanomas not worried about the keeping clean thing.
my 15.1 warmblood of unknown parentage ticked most of these boxes was such a hardy cheerful soul. Really looking for something with his kindness. Doesn’t have to be talented in the traditional sense just a good all round person. Thanks I’m advance.


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6 March 2010
there are some some on horsequest in the cobs and heavy horse section. i like this one but its a mare ref 265011 but she is£10,000 o.n.o. or for £8000 this gelding ref 264455... what is your budget and roughly what part of the country are you in?