Horse shopping... Anyone have some time on their hands?


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27 July 2012
The foothills of the North Yorks Moors.
Not for me. Sadly. Looking for a friend.

15 year old girl, off ponies, moving to horses. Has been going great guns. Has a fabulous instructor. Currently doing 90s and competing to Novice in riding club stressage stuff. Has just, sadly, lost one of her horses. The other is a youngster and being carefully brought on, but in the meantime, to keep the momentum, is looking for something established that she can compete on, especially at schools competitions.

Mare or gelding. 15.2 - 16.2hh. 6 - 12 years old. Sound - this has been their story so far, with a decent budget, instructor accompanying, a string of 'not quite right' or suspiciously quirky.

Preferably north of Birmingham - we're in the NE. To 15k at a big stretch. NO TBs, please.

Her parents are novices at this but learning rapidly and she's a nice, competent, quiet rider.

If you've seen something recently, please point me in that direction.


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22 January 2021
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not sure if these are suitable!