Horse's killing a 'horrific act


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13 February 2008
This is only a couple of hundred yards up the road from where I keep B. We're not sure what to make of it, but find it hard to believe it was malicious. The owners left their field around five and less than 3/4 hr later they got a called saying one of their horses was dead. This was in broad daylight and a lot of people were going about at the time. I wonder & hope that its more likely to have been a tragic accident, the horse has been seen sticking it's head through the fence to graze the verge, maybe even got hit by a vehicle or farm machinery passing?

Poor Henry.


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8 March 2008
Woman devastated after ‘evil’ thugs kill her gentle-giant horse
police probe death of animal, thought to have been stabbed as it stood in its field

By Eilidh Morrison

Published: 29/07/2008

Police in Moray were last night hunting “despicable” thugs who brutally killed a gentle-giant horse in a field.

The shocked owner of Henry, a 25-year-old thoroughbred cross, yesterday described those responsible as “evil”.

It is understood the horse had been stabbed several times.

Henry was found in a field off Rashcrook Road, Birnie.

His owner, Rebecca Baillie, of nearby Bishopmill, Elgin, last night told of her shock.

The 54-year-old bought the horse four years ago from a local breeder and kept him in her stables with several other breeds.

She had left the stables at 5.30pm on Thursday and was phoned 45 minutes later.

“I got a call to say one of my horses was lying stone dead. I thought initially it was some kind of prank,” she said.

“As soon as I saw the way he was lying in the field, I knew instantly that he hadn’t injured himself.

“I’m totally devastated, he was so lovely, a gentle giant, and he was lovely with the kids as well. It’s so evil to think that there are folk out there that could do something like that.”

Mrs Baillie said she could not give specific details about Henry’s death due to the police inquiries, but described it as “very malicious”.

A spokeswoman for Grampian Police said that no firearms were involved, but would not confirm the exact nature of the injuries.

It is understood, however, that Henry had been stabbed several times.

Police urge anyone who was in the Rashcrook Road area between 5.30pm and 6.15pm and saw anything suspicious to come forward.

The field is next to a road and passing vehicles or other road users would have had a clear view.

Constable Debbie Price, who is investigating the attack, said: “This was a despicable and shocking incident and we would urge anyone with information to come forward in order to track down the perpetrators of this horrific act.”

World Horse Welfare spokeswoman Debbie Graver said incidents of this nature were rare.

“In a lot of instances where it looks like there may have been an attack, although it’s not immediately obvious, it can sometimes be later explained by natural causes,” she said.

“Horse attacks are actually quite rare, but if a horse attack is genuine it can generally be categorised in one of three areas. Either because it’s a vendetta against the owner, mindless vandalism, and the third category would be sexual interference or a ritualistic killing.

“Those type of things are incredibly difficult to prove where you’ve got no evidence. Most people are not in a position where they’ve got 24-hour coverage of the field or CCTV. But if it’s someone who is determined enough to undertake some kind of attack on the horse then they are going to do it anyway.”

Earlier this year, a Mearns farmer offered a £500 reward to help catch those responsible for a series of disturbing attacks on her horses.

Gail Sephton’s farm at Balhagerty, near Laurencekirk, was targeted for the second year running by people who cut the hair from her horses’ manes and tails, causing them great distress.

In early 2007, 27 of her 38 horses had their hair hacked with a razor or another sharp instrument.

And last month a horse had to be put down and three others were left injured after they were attacked in their fields in the Bonnybridge area, near Falkirk.

Anyone with information about the Moray attack is urged to contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5700 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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21 July 2006
Moray NE Scotland
When i heard about it I thought the same as you that maybe he had been hit by a passing tractor with something on it, hay turner maybe as it has spikes.

I just think its doesn't sound right for our area I'm only a few miles away. mmm don't know.........

What ever happend that poor horse ended his life in pain and on his own.


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2 February 2006
I have to say, stories like this make me VERY grateful that one of my horses is positively unpleasant/agressive with strangers
- although those of us who handle her regulary and the farrier/dentist/physio/saddler think the world of her
.... She is *very* select!! I can clip her in areas her old owner told me not to - and in 11 yrs she has always looked after/protected me, but I have seen her turn on strangers...

My ex and I had a horse who'd be slashed whilst in foal (which she lost
) and you could see the scars on with her summer coat - FFS WHY???

Sickos who do this only progress to do similar things to humans...
I hope they catch them before that is the case.

H x