Hovis' friday diary

22 January 2007
Dear diary
I hate my parents. They are horrible and I feel sick in the head. I need rescuing immediately; I need love and quite possibly counselling after what they allowed someone to do to me yesterday. Yesterday I was VIOLATED by someone pretending to be a vet.
Alright so maybe I haven’t been weeing as much as I should have, maybe I’m not drinking like I should but really was there any need for Dad to drive me to a hospital and allow them to do things to me? Firstly a MAN played with my wee willie winkie. A MAN! How wrong is THAT! At least I thought the girl who has cool coloured hair might do it but really this was wrong on every level. Then they drugged me and did things to me. I had cameras up every hole of my body, I have been assaulted in every way imaginable and quite a few that we couldn’t even begin to imagine. Is this not illegal in this country? I was almost too ashamed to come home – I certainly haven’t told the lads what went on. Can you imagine the conversation? “Hi F what did you do today?” .. “oh I hung out, stared at some girls and ate grass. What about you?”.. “oh I allowed a man to fondle my manly parts for the best part of half a day”……… I would never be allowed to play “I’m a stallion” with the boys again.
I am traumatised beyond belief. Anyway the upshot of all the horrific experiences was I’ a healthy boy with an infection in my wee pipe. I’m sure there must have been other ways to find this out. Sick individuals. Apparently I am still slightly anaemic. I’ not bl**dy surprised. My red blood cells did a runner at the sight of the first camera.
All in all diary I am not happy. And that’s before I mention the lesson at Evil army mans where they are trying to turn me into some dressage diva and didn’t allow me to jump over anything or the horrible homework he gave mum involving lots of circles or the horrible tasting stuff mum and Dad gave me for breakfast this morning.. I hate my life. Pease please please will someone adopt me?


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26 November 2008
Dear Hovis,

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncomfortable experiences with the Needle People. It sounds very scary!

If you hop out of your field and head up along the eastern coast line, you should eventually make it to near where we live. I haven't been to the beach myself, but I'm told there are really really long stretches of sand to run on, so the trip up the coast should be easy! When you get there, you have to go inland a bit. The Carrot Lady tried to find me a path once that is meant to go all the way into the busy places where the people live, without any fast things on it. I suggest you find that path somehow. I don't know whom you could ask for directions, though?
Anyway, you need to follow that path until you get to the bit where you have leave and go up a really really rocky road. That takes you to the road that goes where the other forest with the skinny paths is, and also to the hill where horses live. You go up the hill where horses live, go right at the top past the looooooong hedge, and then left again. I live in the field at the top of the next hill, on the left, just before the next road.
Unless of course I'm in pony-jail again.

I'd love to have you come up here. However, I do have to warn you that the Needle People have been known to visit here too, so I'm not sure you can be safe from them here. The ones I see are all ladies, though.

If you want to flee the Needle People completely, maybe you should head south instead, and become a wild Exmoor Pony? Just a thought.

Many Carrots,
The Spooky Pony


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22 May 2009
in the hovel
Hovis sweetie, sometimes mummies and daddies have to be cruel to be kind.I am sure they wouldn't of put you through all that horribleness if they had no need to.
Hope you don't get PTS
Oops I mean post traumatic stress I didn't mean the other


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10 August 2005
London - Essex side
Darling Hovis

Do as I do, if there ain't a fence up, I don't work. Put one up and I am a far more co-operative girl as long as they remember I do 10 mins max and then must do a few jumps as a reward.

I am sorry to hear about your violation. Mummy is always poking at Stinky's willy and mutters about beans and popping them our, but she never lets me have one - I like orange jelly beans lots.

I hope you are ok and if you ever want me to give you a big all over groom, I am here for you.

Lots of love

Farra Clydesdale xxxxx