How long until he calms down?


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6 April 2008
East Sussex
Ok, couldn't think of how to word the title...

I have never had a horse before whose behavior changed when he was fed up/down / put onto something new, and my feed regime for the yard is fibre fibre fibre, low sugar low starch etc.

My new horse, who has been with us about 3 weeks, has turned from completely safe, quite ploddy, anybody's ride to a bronking spooking no concentration space cadet. I've no doubt he feels a lot better than when he arrived, and he looks better.

Having worked through all the options I've reached the conclusion that it can only be the feed, or rather the volume of feed, he's been on since arriving that has has done it. So he's now back on just hay and grass, with a handful of crappy chaff to keep him happy when the others are fed.

So my real question is how long would you think it would take for him to 'come down' from his foody high and hopefully to get back to being a regular Joe horse?

Thanks everyone x
3 May 2007
could be the grass this time of year-it might also be richer than he's used to?
When my horse reacted very badly to a feed (alfalfa) he came down after about 48 hours-when on it, he'd changed from a friendly, lively youngster with a brain to a miserable, stroppy headcase who through himself on floor when lunging and we spent one hack either reversing or spinning and caprioling although despite that we managed a 90min hack in 45min lol. I hadn't been told of the feed change so I was a bit slow on the uptake!