Hunter trial report (a bit long)


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29 August 2005
well went to Campsall today(doncaster S.yorks, ask Rosiie!) i rang the secretary last night 'what time are the horse classes likely to start?' she said get there for 11 because they don't tend to get many ponies. so we did (managed to drag todgies owner, neal, along. finally he gets to see her in action!wahoooo!)

They were still on the first chuffin pony class when we got there!!! Decided i couldnt be arsed to wait around for open (wouldhave been going round in the dark) so took her in nov.

anyway walked the course and it was wierd!! the timed section was very windy bendy which is understandable. There were tiny logs followed by huge hedges, and it was one of the longest courses i hadever walked. 35 (or 36, not sure)jumps!but a really gorgeous setting and very well organised, will definately go again.

Anyways set off (eventually) and set off well. She put up a fuss jumping into the woods (light to dark and all that) but took it from stand still, then stopped at a piddly little ditch in the wood (my fault, lost concentration). Carried on going well, then we got the the timed section.

well, i dug my heels in and sent her on far too much (like you do) and absolutely couldn't steer and there was a bogey fence on a dodgy angle and we just ran straight passed it. I just though 'sh*t how stupid am i????' and neal did not let me forget it afterwards. he was like 'jockey error!!!' and i'm like 'ok neal let it rest!' Then all troubles out the way, she flew round the rest as if it were a foot high (tripping over the odd jump that was a foot high) and ended smiling and really well and wooooooo!

Neal and my lil sis and best mate and mum and dad all said i went mega fast. didnt feel that fast but oh well. i allways seem to go fast!

Actually failing today hasnt put me off, because she jumps so well and she loves it, and so do i, so i'm dying for my next chance!!!

I have learned 3 things today

1. concentrate at all times to avoid pointless errors. You are not pippa funnell ( much as you would like to be!) or superwoman and your poor horse cannot jump narrow fences on an angle at 90 mph, so don't try to imagine she can.

2. I must warm up more. all the errors seem to happen at the beginning of the course.

3. I have the most supportive supporters (wtf??!!) ever
i appreciate them all muchly

see!? I have learnt from today!!

congrats if you got this far! piks now in gallery!


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4 February 2006
Stradbroke Suffolk
It's really nice to read that even though it didn't all go to plan, you have taken something from it - and not "bloody horse, it wouldn't jump" as I hear from so many people!

Well done