I am FURIOUS!!!!


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29 June 2009
Some of you read in my previous post how I bought a Caldene hacking jacket for my exam which was YESTERDAY! It did not a rrive all last week, I found out they werent delivering to the right door and when they try to redeliver no one was in
so i was without jacket for said exam. Yesterday I called and arranged for my OH to collect today with a signature from myself and both our ID's as insturcuted and they wont bloody let him have it!!! I am so mad already having a horrendous day at work and this just topped it so i rang the erquestrian website nearly in tears but she was very helpful and has given me a refund, but now i still need a jacket

NEVER use Interlink Express/DPD couriers!!!!
Sorry for rant but it does help to write it all out.
Think i need a new keyboard now!