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I don’t know what else to do.

25 October 2017
This year I decided to enlist professional help to get my Welsh section d backed. At first he was flying through everything (having been previously backed by an old owner). Then he started to have more breaks and longer spaces between training sessions because the school kept flooding. And he went backwards. Becoming scared of being sat on. Some days he would be fine and others he would arch his back in fear. Ive had 2 back appointments for him and both came out fine. No heat, soreness, signs of pain, or swelling. His trainers couldn’t understand how to get past this point and told me they wouldn’t be able to continue. He’s Isnt crazy or dangerous when they are on him. He shuffles side ways and bolts forward a bit, but he doesn’t buck or kick. They didn’t give up because he was a phyco, they just didn’t know how to fix it, and granted they looked to be in their late 20’s so they probably haven’t seen/dealt with hundreds of cases. But they made me feel like it’s never going to happen for my boy, and I’ve put a lot, and I mean a lot of work in to him to get him where he is today. When I first got him you couldn’t get within a ten foot radius of him. You couldn’t catch him, you couldn’t touch him. He was basically feral. He used to hate me. I used to cry about how much he hated me. And now he is lovable. He loves people, and he’s got so much character.

He looks so miserable in the field day in and day out. I know he just wants something to do. Even if it’s just standing next to you at the gate. I want this for him because I know he would love it.

Has anyone seen a case like this. And if so how did you move forward? Because I literally feel so defeated right now, and his trainers have literally told me they think he’s just going to be a companion for the rest of his life.


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7 September 2004
Quick vet check and then find better trainers.
Providing there is nothing wrong with the horse sounds like he just needs someone who knows what they are doing!
Where in the country are you? Maybe someone can suggest someone?


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16 July 2015
Id be looking at everything - teeth, saddle, bit, diet, physio, feet, then if no improvement would get vet to do work up & if nothing found scope for ulcers.
Sorry its disheartening isn't it this 1 step forward 2 steps back.


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9 October 2014
Northern Ireland
You state in your opening post that you began this process this year. If you mean 2019 by that, then I feel I should point out that it's still only the first week in February. So that's a maximum of 38 days, even before you allow for the flooding. The animal is barely started! He's pulled faces and jogged about a bit, that's literally all that you've described. Perfectly normal. Stop catastrophising, get his saddle and its fitting checked by a qualified saddler (I hazard that you'll be told there's some issue there), and then find a trainer with more experience to assess the situation.