I "might" be doing something naughty tomorrow . . .


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24 November 2007
Lovely thread!

Well done you, it can't be easy after losing such a special horse but you strike me as the sort of person who needs a horse in her life. Many want but a few actually 'need'.

Enjoy every moment and let her ease you back into the time you are ready to go looking, although somehow I feel a horse is going to find you and you win't need to do much searching. Getting fanciful in my old age ;)


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6 July 2010
She sounds awesome. It's a huge step (literally and figuratively!) to get on another horse when yours is gone. I'm glad you did it. :)


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9 December 2014
Ha ha ha ha . . . soooo not as exciting as running off with Aiden Turner . . . although I'd sell my soul for his horse too.

No . . . I rode a pony . . . well, more a 17.3hh moose of a mare (a lovely moose). First time swinging my leg over since I lost Pops. I am looking, but I need some saddle time before I go try horses and her (very kind) owner is desperate for someone to give her some exercise.

I won't lie . . . 'twas a tad emotional . . . doesn't help that she's grey . . . but it was my first day properly ponying since I lost the boy. I spent ALL day at the yard . . . gave Marge (great name, isn't it :)) a good groom, rode, pampered her some more and then helped my trainer get her competition horse ready (she's going out at Advanced Medium this evening). We cleaned tack, polished him until he was (very) shiny, loaded the lorry, etc. It was almost like old times.

Getting back on her tomorrow (assuming I can walk - I am SO unfit).

I reckon a couple of months of Marge-ing will get me fit enough to not look an idiot when I go try ponies for myself. Marge is the "bridge" if you like . . . my enormous therapy partner. She's awfully sweet and very forgiving (thank God, I was very wobbly up there to start with), but she has the comfiest trot - I could sit to that allllllll day.

So not THAT exciting, but I did feel like I was doing something a bit subversive sitting on another horse, i.e., not Kali.

I still miss the bones of him . . . as those of you who are friends with me on FB can attest - you must be sick of seeing pictures of him on my timeline . . . and no horse will EVER replace him, but I do need a horsey friend to get me from him to the next one . . . and that's Marge. Bless her.

Well done. I'm in a similar position having lost my lovely horse in 2014. Last year's first few rides on a loan horse felt good, but also like betrayal. I've now got a horse on a month's lwvtb and it feels a bit overwhelming at times. My confidence has taken a huge knock as I retired my boy in 2010, so have done very little riding for 6 years.

Hope all goes well for you in the massive step from losing a horse to getting another.


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13 October 2009
lovely news. I have never met a nasty grey mare yet and think the name is brilliant.

So glad you have a horse to enjoy equine dosage with...