I want my barky annoying pita collie back


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3 April 2008
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Vibes please....

My poor annoying girl has been all quiet and weird today. Really unhappy and not wanting to eat or do anything, completely unlike her.
I left her to go to work this morning thinking i'd yet to find whatever it was she had done wrong (think cowery squinty pathetic dog look)
Came home to an even sadder sorrier old girl who on closer inspection I found a cut on her tummy. Couldn't really see how the two were related but took her straight to the vet anyway. He said she's in a lot of pain and has had some kind of trauma to the back end. Similar to a dog who had jumped over but got stuck on something jagged (she never ever jumps) or a horse kick.
The wound itself shouldn't be causing the pain she's in so possibly other damage.
They have kept her in overnight to clean, stitch examine and get fluids and pain killers into her.
Plan is to see how she is in the morning/tomorrow and go from there. Poor old girl. I never thought I'd say it but I'd give anything to have her wuffing and demanding ball throwing right now. :(