Pictures I wasn’t even meant to be window shopping, oops! (new arrival)


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13 August 2020
She looks really like my Welshie Maddie - even down to the mealy muzzle and fluttery nostrils!
She really does! Maddie is beautiful, I’ll be very happy if Penny turns out as smart as she is ❤️. She’s also very similar in colouring to our old C we lost last spring - she’s currently in Pippin’s old rug, so it’s a bit of a head spin when we go out at the moment and see a bay Welshie in the red rug again!

I'm so jealous of people with Welshies, I'd love a Sec D but they are mainly too small for me *sigh*
I’m hoping she’ll make 15hh (or ideally a bit over) so she’s a nice size for small person to move off of his 13.2 onto - she’s around 14hh at the moment with a lot of levelling out and filling out to do, so fingers crossed…