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29 October 2008
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Following on from my earlier post about tendon strains, my friend who is an equine physio student says her tutor has recommended a top tip for her to do. He has said it is better than cold hosing or ice packs as an immediate measure to prevent further damage to the tendon structure if the injury is spotted and treatment acted on quickly.

Get some polystyrene cups (polystyrene are better than plastic as they break easier) and fill with water. Place in the freezer to freeze. When a horse comes in with an injury that requires ice just get an ice cup out of the freezer and place on the effected area. It is crucial to keep the ice cup moving so as to prevent a possible 'ice burn'. You can peel the polystyrene off as the ice cup melts and the ice is used up. After a couple of minutes (if working on a tendon for example) the ice cup will even shape to the countours of the horses leg, so is easier to apply. I used it for my horse at the weekend. I just sat on my grooming kit like a little leprechaun on a toadstool and got to work, the cup lasts for about 15 mins depending on whether your hands are hot or the horse has heat in the area effected. You can get the polystyrene type of cups from cheapy places like Poundstretcher, Poundland, Crash Bang Wallop, etc. I think its a wicked idea, and cheaper and more effective than ice packs.