I'm in a bit of a pickleeee ! Help pleaseeee

27 April 2010
Northern Ireland
So im due to start m job back in a couple of weeks, I had to leave due to exams etc.

In worked as a waiter and it fully stressed me out as the place was super busy and has a cafe atmosphere so it's loud

I'm wanting saturdays of to event but im too scared to ask as I only work saturdays and Sunday's !! Do i ask for them off or what

The money is so so good and it's funding my eventing ! And my parents refuse to pay for it so what should i do ? Im 15 BTW !

Help me :(


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14 August 2009
Your only choices are to get a job that both fits in around your life and funds it or to make a compromise. Considering you are only 15 option A isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Tbh every Saturday off isn't going to fly with a restaurant as its their busiest night of the week - and I am sure other people would like Saturday off to spend with families etc. Your only option is to cut down on the amount of eventing you do, pick and choose the shows and ask for the odd Saturday off rather then every single one.