Indian Ridge in sport horses


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27 April 2008
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I'm in North America and "know" someone in Canada who owns a Indian Ridge stallion who has been standing for racing. He is one of a very, very, very few stallions over here who traces back to the Herod line--I'm guessing we have fewer than ten all told. Since Ksar/Tourbillon has been the sireline of so many good TB sporthorses for so long and is in the lines of many TB mares here, but since we have no experience here with Indian Ridges in sport, I thought I'd ask y'all.

How do they tend to do in sport competition? Is he well thought of as a sire of sporthorses? Where on the internet would we be able to find official competition results for his offspring/descendants?

Is this even the right forum to ask these questions?

Thanks in advance for any help.