Insurance renewal


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9 September 2012
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I was approached today by a well known equine insurance company who I have my lorry insured with as they knew my horse's insurance was due for renewal (he's not currently insured with them). They offered to quote so I went through all the details and after a bit of calculation they worked out a premium to match my current policy. All good however they then went on to say that in order to go ahead I would need to get the horse 5 stage vetted and they would need his veterinary record.
I've only had the horse 11 months and he passed 5 stage vetting pre purchase and other than vaccinations hasn't had any treatment.

Anyone else come across this when renewing or potentially moving insurance company? The cost of another vetting will mean there's no benefit whatsoever in moving as the difference in premiums won't cover vetting fees :rolleyes: