Irap therapy - anyone?


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20 August 2004
West Yorkshire
Just had the vet out to a routine check up on Ludi's progress following the arthoscopy back in June. He's sound on the straight but still 'quite short' on the lunge. He's suggested Irap - from what I can gather it's relatively new and a bit like stem cell therapy. He's to go up to the surgery on Monday morning and they take blood. This is then sent off to newmarket - it has to be there within 3 hours (from West Yorkshire
) They do something with the blood and it comes back to be reinjected. The vet described it as kind of self-healing!

Anyone had any success with this therapy - or even heard of it? I'm off to google it but would appreciate any news (especially good news as this uses up the last of the insurance money!!)


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21 March 2002
Im sure I saw something about this on tv quite recently, it may have been on one of the Vet programmes. It seemed to be very effective from what I can remember.


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2 December 2006
Hi two of my friends have had this done on their horses - one with moderate to severe arthritus in his knee (he is a 2.5yr old unbroken horse that broken his pastern in a gate and from the splint got arthritus in his knee) and the other friend with moderate arthritus in her mares knee (she is about 9yrs old and has been over jumped as a youngster). Both friends have had mixed results, the 2.5yr old has not shown that much improvement but is intermittently lame and the mare seems to be well and the vets think she will be ridden again and maybe even popping small fences!

I think it is very dependant on the severity of the arthritus!

Hope this helps?!

PM me if you want to know more x