It's my turn now.


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17 June 2009
For over ten seasons, you have looked after me so well.
Carried me safely, never once losing me, regardless of the obstacles in our path.
We have seen some sights and had some adventures.
You have given me days that will live in my heart.
You’re a 17.3 shire x dwb and I’m a 5’3 woman, but we “click”.
I’m no great rider, but I know how to sit quietly, with a soft hand and that’s all you want.
“Leave it to me, I know what I’m doing” and so it proved.
You sometimes stop with your owner and others, but never with me.
You make me look a better rider than I am.
And why? Because I trust you.
We trust each other.
So the seasons roll by and so does your prime.
You’re rising 18 now.
Your owner picks the younger horse this season over you. He mumbles something about him not pulling…
The King is deposed.

It’s my turn now.
To look after you.
Your mind is still very willing, but the body begins to show the miles covered.
I’ll pick your meets.
I’ll play it canny and take shortcuts and I’ll bring you home before you tire.
We won’t go on every run, sometimes we will stand and watch.
And sometimes, we’ll show the young’uns how it’s done.
I want to sit on point with you and watch the autumn world awaken.
But more than this
I want the post hunting happy Sunday morning friend who lowers his face to my chest
I wrap my arms around your head and rest my forehead on yours and for a while, we just stand.
No words spoken.
None needed.

And that’s why, whether you like it or not.

It’s my turn now.


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17 June 2009
Thank you all.
Stupidly it's been making me well up when I'm riding him, knowing our time is limited.
I'm not the bravest into a fence, but I'll put him at anything.
He lives to hunt. I could sell him as a first horse for a novice in July/August, but there comes a day in September when he changes into a fire breathing dragon overnight.
He spends his summers free-ranging and follows me around like some over-grown polar bear.
I have dealt with hundreds of horses over the years, but never had a connection quite as strong as with this one.
But enough of the mushyness. I have him for this season and all things being equal, next year as well.