Kent close to SE London

9 June 2021
Hi all!
I am looking to possibly leave my yard in Bexley.
Facilities are really important to me and I’m particularly keen on an indoor school as the idea of riding outdoors in winter fills me with dread.
I’m looking for full livery as I live and work in London, but I do tend to ride 6 days a week and just deal with the driving! However that may change a bit as we return to work.
Turnout is important to me, and I know it’s difficult this close to London but ideally he’s out all day on grass.
Somebody suggested a yard called Pullens to me? But I’m unable to find much about it on the Internet!
I do like a yard that can organise events and clinics but it’s not a deal breaker.
Please help!


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14 April 2011
I'm out in Gravesend and you might have better luck looking out there, I was at various yards in Bexley but I don't know Pullens. I'm at Nurstead Court, which is 5 days (you can pay for 7) I've only been here since last July so not much has happened obviously but by sounds of it, they often held clinics. There's also Cranbourne close by which also does events and clinics - it also has an indoor which we dont have!