knee lamness


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26 March 2003
button moon
my horse has had v.intermittent lamness for a while. vet thinks it could be coming from her feet being unbalanced (has very poor conformation) farrier thinks it is higher up in her knee as can be quite stiff when picking front feet up espcially the right one. she has had x rays on feet twice in last 5 months nothing much shoe except silght lateral imbalance and the long toe low heal conformation. could farrier be right its her knees? what would main symptoms be? tripping? also would'nt imbalanced feet affect the balacnce of the whole leg possiable causing sore knees? having re visit this wk form vet she wot she thinks.


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3 March 2005
I know how you feel I had all this sort of thing with my farrier and vet, so I infested in some thermal scans which showed nothing and were a complete waste of time, the best thing I did was invest as recommended by vet/farrier and experienced person in a physio she came three times and charged me £30 a time also I put my tb on Cortaflex once a day for two weeks and got a good remedial farrier was v good shoes looked like they didnt fit but it straightend him up and sorted him out....

Good luck if you dont do all of the above at least the best thing I think will have an affect is cortaflex...

good luck to you both