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29 January 2019
I have a 9 year old cob no medical issues prior to getting abscess on her back hooves in October while she had her abscesses she was on bute and box rest and poulticing daily.. Vet come out to her when she had the abscesses and was out on a day till last week.
Had the vet out and the farrier out on Wednesday as she was lame on front left leg so she was but on box rest again vet told me to poultice it an for a couple of days but nothing had come out so we know it was not an abcess and she is on box rest again but this time she is on danilon. And is now limping with padding on foot (she doesn't have laminitis)


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18 July 2010
My lad has had a recurring abscess since last August. Just because you poultice it and there's no pus doesn't mean it's not an abscess, believe me after 7 months I'm a poultice expert! He has been back at vet hospital today having attempts made to cut it out. Around 5 attempts at cutting back have been unsuccessful. Then he was cut back twice at horspital again unsuccessful. Today an area of diseased horn was found deep in his hoof and cut out so deep an artery was compromised. Now living in hope rather than expectation that the battle is won.