Laminitic horses and cows


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18 November 2005
I will be moving my welshie to my own paddock next year. He had laminitis a few years back so is on a strict routine and stabled every night etc with strip grazing.
The paddock I will be moving him to is smaller and I can control the amount he eats better, however although it has not been fertilised in the last 10 years, it has had some highland cows on it for a few months for the last two years.
Does this classify as fertilised, even though the muck has not been harrowed in any way or spread? Is this a potential risk by making the grass too rich or am I overly worrying in advance?
My plan would be to have the grass tested to compare to what he is on now and introduce it very slowly with stabling and majority hay feed etc etc. But I was not sure on the whole cows having been on there issue? Any thoughts?