Land In Surrey

24 February 2021
Hi Everyone!
I am looking to buy or rent some land in Surrey, ideally around the Cobham area.
- Around 1-2 acres
- Ideally water and electricity supply

I run a small doggy daycare currently based in Wimbledon and we are looking for a new location with a bit more land so I can grow a little! I have been searching for months and haven't been successful in the slightest! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

24 November 2010
The yard, home or coal face.....
I think you will struggle.
It's very rare for small plots to come up like this in that area and if they do, even more rare to get business permission, as usually a small plot has neighbours of some sort who will object.
An adjacent yard to me went up in the spring for offers in excess of 300k; 2 acres and 2 good stables plus with 2 elderly stables and feed shed. 2 paddocks, one of which turns to bog over winter.
Killer is that there is no business access (agricultural and equestrian only, but absolutely no business use at all for those either), and owing to where it is, there never will be.

Worth asking local farms/yards if they will rent a field?