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20 September 2007
Please don't ridicule me for asking this but how do you have your legs when riding? Over the last year I have had lessons with a variety of people, who are well respected teachers but they tell me completely different things! Some tell me to hold on by wrapping my lower leg round and keep my knees and thighs off, others have said to pivot off my knee and thigh. I am really confused and would like to know what others do.


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12 August 2006
I've had tons of problems with my leg position, and I've also noticed that with different instructors they will tell you to put your legs differently.

From what I gather on the lessons I've been having, (and this is for flatwork so it'll be different for jumping) your leg should sit in the middle of the saddle flap with your heels down, but a line should be going from your shoulder, seat and heel.

Most people make the mistake of using their heels to push a horse on, which can make your heels crop up. Instead you should be thinking of using your calves to push the horse on, which might be why some of your teachers say you should wrap your lower leg around the horse. But I don't think you should be keeping your knees off the saddle but they also shouldn't be gripping the saddle either. I find with my riding that tension builds up in my knees and I have to consciously relax them and let all the weight sink into my heels, otherwise I grip a bit too much and lose my seat and leg position.

I think everyone has a different way of riding, but it might help to have one teacher teaching you so you don't get conflicting advice and hopefully can improve!