Lesson Yesterday


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31 July 2005
Which was actually Good.

Absolute farce getting there though. I went to work in the morning so that I could drive home past the VOSA weighbridge/do a mini MOT place on every lorry comes past at Tormartin to make sure they weren't pulling lorries over, no one there phew! Then had to tax the lorry, got served by the slowest person ever in the Post Office. Load the horse up, he's managed not to have a mid morning nap so isn't covered in muck, got no Diesel in the lorry so have to go to petrol station, get to the end of my road and some stupid blonde girl has parked her car so I can't get past. Knock on 2 houses before I find her. Then my clutch stops working, it has a very slow leak on the cylinder and needs topping up every couple of months. Have to turn the engine off to get it into gear, so that I can stop somewhere to fill it up again. Drive towards the Motorway absolutley bricking it that VOSA will be there but they aren't phew. It's not that there is anything wrong with my lorry, it just that you get stuck there for hours.

The lesson was with Fred bergondoff (sp) from OFOH and he was really nice, explained things very well and did make a difference, so pleased. It's all about rythym, balance and line, which we all know but he did explain how to get it right. The lesson was at my friends yard and she even made us lunch.

On the way home there were loads of police at the VOSA place - see I'm not paranoid. But they weren't pulling people over.

Off to West Wilts tomorrow for our first intro.


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13 March 2004
I think he is a fabulous rider. At OFOH the trainers rode the course to check the camera angles before it was televised - on different horses of course - and he looked class.