Little grey ex-racehorse 4 year old Wanda - jumping update!


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31 January 2008
I went to see my 4 year old little grey ex-racehorse filly, Wanda, who has been jumping for a week or so now and was thrilled at how much she has come on. This little filly was a bit of an impulse buy (to my husband's great dismay) but she's been brilliant - quick learner and a fantastic attitude.

Only two months ago, she was super green and knew very little about life.

First up, flatwork - she's learned a huge amount and could probably do a sweet enough test now, although she's got a bit of strengthening and growing to do still.

Today, I saw her pop a few jumps - she's not done a huge amount but she's got a lovely brain and is bold as they come - fillers, water trays are no problem.

I think she'll stay at this yard for a little longer while I'm settling in the two geldings at mine and trying to finish unpacking. But very excited about her and can't wait to bring her home and have a little fun with her! :)

Also on the plus side, she might be getting a little bit grey-er which is a big plus point for me ;) as I do like a proper grey! :)


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2 September 2005
I really, really like this little mare! She looks to have a fab attitude and such a pretty face too - look forward to hearing her progress :)
2 November 2013
She is absolutely gorgeous! What a keen and genuine looking mare. What's her story (sorry if you've already posted will have a search)? She is exactly what il be looking for in a few years so I'm very jealous :p