Live streaming from Bicton 5*…..would you pay £25?!

16 February 2009
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I don't have satellite TV so couldn't access it anyway.

Think £25 is a bit stiff TBH even if it were possible! You are missing out on all the pzazz of the main event let's face it which is what a lot of people would get out of attending in person.

I'm pretty local to the area and have a good working knowledge of the lanes around the venue!! Reckon I'll be boxing out to the local common which is just up the road and taking little coblet for a hack - if you know where to go (and I do!!) you can see some of it.............. LOL :)


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31 December 2008
you have internet though?!

I'm another who would normally be at burghley for the weekend so this is def a cheaper option. Happen to be in somerset that weekend but am undecided whether I want to do any extra driving.


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31 March 2009
I see that in a news article on H&H, that they are proposing to live stream Bicton 5* via Horse and Country TV, for £25 (or £20 if you already subscribe to H&C). …Giving some of the proceeds to increase the prize money.

Now I may well be a reactionary old fogey…but there is no way I would pay that much ( and I have been eventing for over 40 years at various levels, so have an established interest.)….I am wondering if they have over estimated their potential audience?

Given that for the princely sum of £4.99, one could get a months sub to Discovery + to watch unlimited Olympic coverage….what do other people think?

Nope = what a rip off.