liverpool cream update 3


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7 July 2005
cornwall uk
dannys treatment with liverpool cream for a single large sarcoid on the side of his sheath is progressing well. the area around the sarcoid is sloughing off and looks horrible , theres still quite a lot of swelling and his inner thigh has lost some skin where it has come into contact with his sheath when he lies down . hes well in himself , i rode him for the first time today and he was pefectly happy. now waiting for the bill to arrive any day now.


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10 May 2003
Good progress then!

Moo had the 4th of 4 treatments today, and this is the first one he has had to be sedated for, cos he knew what was coming as soon as the vet walked into his stable! They are all looking very raw, and there is some swelling. He is miserable about an hour after the cream is applied, by that I mean he box walks, slaps his tail between his legs etc., but then calms down after some Danilon. By a few hours later he is much happier, and the following day he is his usual chilled self. He still has an open wound where one was banded off. The vet has told me that I can keep excersizing him so I'm sticking him on a headcollar and lunge line in the school and letting him have a trundle. Sadly our fields are still far too wet to let him out yet, but hopefully that will change with this good spell of weather.

Fingers crossed all round that it is successful on both our neddies, Maggiehorse :)