Livery - near Guildford

19 August 2012
Hi, I’m relocating to Guildford soon and will be bringing my horse with me. I’ve had a look at a few yards and it seems that most offer very limited turnout! My boy is 19y/o and slightly arthritic, so I like him to be out ideally 24/7 in the summer (but 12hrs would be ok) - and winter I’m a lot less concerned about as he doesn’t really like being out when it’s cold / wet! The yards I’ve seen so far seem to turnout in the morning after morning feeds, and bring in about 4hrs later, and I don’t really want my boy stood in for 20hrs everyday, especially when it’s decent weather etc.
Looking for part livery and happy to pay whatever it costs to find a yard which ticks the boxes!
We mainly do dressage, and get out & about for lessons & competitions regularly. A decent sized school with a good surface is important. Not looking to be on a big, busy yard, but equally it would be great to meet some horsey friends in the area so a really small yard probably wouldn’t suit either!
Not particularly fussed on hacking.
Solarium / hot wash etc always a bonus.
Would need trailer parking.
Does such a yard exist in the area?
14 September 2013
Without knowing which side of Guildford you are it's a bit difficult to recommend somewhere. Yards around here that seem to have a good reputation are Glendell (Pirbright) MB Equestrian (Just off Hog's Back) Thundry Farm (Elstead) May Equine (Chobham) Clandon Park Livery (Clandon) Windlebrook (Chobham again) Runtley Barn (Sutton Green) Gemsbrook in Normandy (very small yard
24 November 2010
The yard, home or coal face.....
Def need to know which side of Guildford as mentioned above, traffic can be an absolute pain in the proverbial at all times of the day, especially the town centre and A3.

Yes, the type of yard you hope for does exist in several places, but distances could be an issue, plus if they have spaces, hence asking for closer location, unless you are moving into the town centre.