Livery Prices


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25 November 2007
But if it does not include feed and bed then it's not £60.

£12 for haylage
Then bedding:- when I was on shavings I was using 4 bales a week so £28, about the same of straw at £4.50 a bale.
Then feed on top - I don't feed much hard feed so £5 a week.

So £60 becomes £95 to £105 if you have a big, greedy dirty horse like I do.

What I alway ask for with all in prices is how much is included as some yards say it's an all in price and then ration; so I always prefer to check before exactly what is included and warn potential yards of how dirty my horse is.
No it isn't £60 per week which is why I listed the hay and bedding costs. It costs me £81 per week including haylage, bedding and feed.


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10 September 2010
I think I'm very lucky where I live (Blackpool, but stable in Singleton)

For £45 a week we get:

Morning feeding
Turnout/ rug changes
Waters topped up
Full use of facilities (outdoor school 20 x 40, lunging paddock, 120 acres to ride in, good hacking, and they're in the process of building an indoor school)
Very large airy stables
Excellent care and knowledgeable YO
UNLIMITED hayledge or hay (or both!)
Shower room with warm water
Brew room with coffee/tea/biscuits provided

For £2.50 a day, u can have part livery, which includes bringing in, and mucking out.

For £5 a day u can have full livery, which includes the above plus making up of feeds, haynets, further skips/muck outs and evening feeding.

So for what the OP asked for it would be £57.50 per week! Which is what I have!

Happy days!!! :)


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1 July 2009
South Gloucestershire
I run a livery yard, and I wouldn't class that as part livery. That is bespoke livery, assuming that the owner would like to have the horse on DIY at the weekends.

I charge £110 a week for part livery, which includes all day to day care of the horse seven days a week, all bedding, feed and hay/haylage, tack cleaning twice a week, turnout all year round, stunning courtyard boxes with automatic waterers on a private country estate down a mile long private drive, 6000 acres of off road hacking, 50m x 30m outdoor school, 60m x 40m grass school/jumping paddock, wash box with hot and cold water and solarium, I live on site, and all stabled horses are skipped out and hayed and watered again at 11pm every night. Basically, everything except riding.

Bespoke livery would be £80 per week with the owner doing their own horse at the weekend.

I charge £150 a week for full livery which is all of the above plus exercising the horse six days a week, and owners are handed a fully tacked up horse when they arrive, and can hand it back when they've ridden.
Where is your yard will all that off road hacking and great facilities? I'm moving in!


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20 January 2010
I'm in Gloucestershire - about twenty mins away from Badminton. Hacking is over four adjoining estates, and is heaven!