Livery wanted Ormskirk, aughton, rainford or southport way

12 January 2014
Desperately looking to move 2 horses to a nice yard where people actually care about the horses!

Looking for all year turnout, even just a few hours in winter in small ish herds and an arena.

Losing the will to live trying to find somewhere with space for 2 🤯

Happy to travel upto half hour from ormskirk area in any direction!


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14 August 2013
I’ve copied a bunch of info about yards in the Bickerstaffe/Rainford area from a post I made a few years ago. Not sure if any of these have got space for 2 but might be worth ringing round and asking/popping your name on a waitlist.

Moss Side, off Sineacre Lane, has got a decent sized outdoor, lunge pen and a 3 mile or so farm ride round the farm field edges. 24/7 turnout over the summer and in at night over winter.

Bickerstaffe Hall has got the best facilities in the area (indoor, outdoor and fab farm ride) but I believe it’s pricey! - very few yards round this area seem to have indoors.

There’s also Holiday Moss and Webster’s in Rainford itself, Wild Goose if it’s still open and a few others - yard facilities and size of school do vary from place to place. I can never remember the names of them but there are two yards right by the Windle Island junction - one next to the pub and then Helen Smith runs the one by the rugby club.

There’s also one that opened up in Billinge which quite a few from my old yard went to when that closed in autumn 2018 and that seemed decent but I think might have some turnout issues? Not sure how it ended up working out!