Livery Yards Tamworth/ Atherstone/ Polesworth / Austrey/ Drayton Basset


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4 November 2013
Hi all,

The Livery Yard i am currently on has gone on the market to be sold :( gutted as we have a great group of people on there, but as the yard owner is now too scared to turn my new mare out as she walks to fast i am needing to find somewhere anyway that offers turnout or bring in and occasional day livery as the 5;00 start and fluctuating working hours is killing me!!

anywhere in areas mentioned above, i will travel a little further and pay a little more for the right yard (you pay for what you get)

Must have a school and daily turnout all year, good hacking would be a bonus.

Not in a rush so i am happy to go on a waiting list if i need to