Livery yards

12 February 2013
I am looking for a livery yard based in ideally Cobham/Wisley/Ockham/Oxshott area. Although I am willing to be flexiable if it is a 10 minute drive drive from Cobham High street. I am quite fussy but I do what to offer the very best for my horse. Please, please read this and give me some ideas or recommendations. I really appreciate anyones help. Please comment asap. Thank you.
These are some of the musts I am looking for:
- Offer part or full livery - I am willing to pay up to £550pcm as my absoulte limit!
- Offer woodchips but straw is fine aswell.
- Offer haylage
- Ideally not a riding school (As currently I am at a riding school + Livery Yard which gets very busy!
- Small, quiet and friendly yard.
- Friendly staff on hand to help
- Regular visits from vet/farrier/saddler etc...
- Turned out daily.
- Change of rugs.
- Access to good hacking (1hr+)
- At least 1 school
- Show jumps
- xc field on site or close access to one.
- Access to nearby show grounds.
- Wash down area.
- Storage
- Tack room
- Feed room
- Tie up area.